BemChain is the crucial link between BEM Foundation projects and a gateway for public investors and marketers to participate in entrepreneurship programs. BemChain uses a combination of marketing and investment to generate revenue, and it uses blockchain technologies to enable people to invest in BemChain plans. Investing in blockchain is very simple. You just need to buy tokens announced by BemChain or participate in sales with multi-level marketing methods. The BEM Foundation is creating job opportunities by investing in blockchain projects. The popularity of these projects is constantly growing. Casinos, chain games, wallets, exchanges, metaverse, the NFT market, and many more are some of the projects that the BEM Foundation is investing in. BemChain is one of the projects that the BEM Foundation has funded, and the project is BEM Foundation's affiliation. BemChain organizes ICO projects. BEM Foundation projects are of great value that can be converted into ICOs, and their tokens (stocks) are sold through BemChain. BemChain is a multi-purpose project that includes token sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, and fundraising. It uses a network marketing plan to quickly reach its goals. By studying the "Plans" section on the site, you will better understand BemChain. BemChain is a dedicated node of the Tron network. In the next section, you can read a complete description of the node concept and BemChain's activity as a dedicated node of the Tron network.

Bem Games

BemGames is a popular gaming website with over 10,000 games.

People can top up and withdraw their account with BCN.

it is possible to charge and withdraw with with all cryptocurrencies.

Bem Ib

(IB) stands for Introducing Broker.

IBs are organizations and groups that operate under the supervision of a broker and introduce potential clients to the brokerage.

The BEM Foundation is the official DeltaFX IB.

BEM IB has been operating since January 2022. But the trading team and market analysts have been active in the Forex market since 2007 Over the years, the team has gained valuable experience in providing international client support in Forex trading Now BEM IB has been able to create a Copy trade system and provide it to people interested in this field in the form of various packages with good economic prices


Bempay is a payment gateway that supports all payment gateways, including POS, CTM, QR, and LINK

Multi wallet, BEM Card, Chequebook, and Chip payment are part of Bempay's exclusive services.


Bemulator is an NFT Market project. You can easily create and sell your collections on this platform based on the BSC blockchain.

Bemulator provides convenience, speed and numerous clients for built-in NFTs.


Bempire is a proof-of-authority blockchain and a version of the Ethereum blockchain.

Its advantages include an unlimited number of validators, very high speed and low cost.

The purpose of building Bempire is to support smart contracts with many transactions.

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Unveiling of Bem Foundation projects

The BEM Foundation entered the gaming industry in August 2021 to expand the market, attract more holders