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BemChain Introducing A New Funding Project

Most of you, Dear BEM foundation‘s community, are aware that the main route for the foundation to raise funds for its projects is BemChain. There have been projects different risen with BemChain by now; the latest was BCN and now a brand new project is going to be introduced named TIM. In this article, we are going to review how BemChain works and give […]

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BEMT Immigration to Binance Smart Chain

BEMT is the leading crypto-asset of BEM Foundation and it will soon immigrate to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network with a cross-chain bridge. It will benefit the user in many different aspects that we will discuss together with HOWs and WHYs in this article. This migration happens to further expand usage of BEMT with help of available features of the BSC network. Binance Smart […]

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Unveiling of Bem Foundation projects

The BEM Foundation entered the gaming industry in August 2021 to expand the market, attract more holders and traders, and create real added value for BEM tokens. The BEM Foundation started its activity in the gaming industry with the cooperation and participation of BETCONSTRUCT company. Another move by the BEM Foundation to expand the BEMT market was to move it to […]